Alicia Peiró: the Photographer Creating Balanced Beauty

Words: Beth Fuller
Images: Alicia Peiró


Understand effortless beauty through Peiró’s lens.


Inspired by alternative disciplines such as cinema, design and , the film and digital photographer Alicia Peiró presents a niche style of female portraiture. Capturing women as effortlessly exquisite, her conceptual portraits feature soft lighting, vivid colours and un-retouched skin to offer the most serene blend between and romanticism.




Models appear almost statuesque as though Peiró may be inspired by the aesthetic of traditional art forms representing women, but, her dedication towards photographing a range of skin tones propels the classical depiction of women to today. Using a perfect balance of space, colour and light Peiró explains that she ‘creates harmony in every project’ and so her instills a sense of comfort and ease.



Peiró’s eye for equilibrium, which has recently landed her work with The Nude Label, will undoubtably be valued by many. We’ve seen photographers with mass followings of over 10-20 thousand, (which are often bought or gained through the use of spam apps) but, Alicia Peiró’s originality, true talent and cult following deserves an authentic reach towards endless potential.

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