Beauty In Flux

Words: Tanya Gohill
Featured image: Hannah Powell

We’ve all seen that the face of is a changing one, and, though empowering, inclusivity has been capitalised. The celebration of all shapes of women and all colours of skin has become synonymous with the first world, commercial West and somewhere along the way, and beauty in has seemingly lost its radical core.

In an effort to unearth the message at the heart of the matter, I began wondering, how do we uncover beauty with authenticity? How do we celebrate ourselves and each other with realism and legitimacy?

Beauty in Creation

It is somewhat intuitive that when you appreciate beauty more, you also experience more happiness.

Art is therapeutic in that it has the ability to lift our spirits. The process of creating something beautiful enhances our lives and becomes a poetic aid in expressing ourselves. We create what beauty means to us, and with visual platforms, we share these visions of beauty.

Changing Imagery

Creation is not our only path, the admiration of art can be truthful, healing, humble and honest. The ability to seek and explore the beauty that others create is equally as gratifying. We can admire varying expressions of beauty, absorbing and valuing differing notions and portrayals. We may see reflections of ourselves and we may feel celebrated within the process. The creation of beauty is a continuum. It allows us to continually appreciate a different vision to the norm, over and over again. As diversity continues to reinvent itself, it becomes more and more striking in its expression. It’s a process of metamorphic manifestations.

As this landscape evolves, we’re recognising our own personal affinities with the subject. We’re all participators in the curation of our own predilection. Widening our view of beauty and acknowledging its wider spectrum means its multi-faceted interpretations invite happiness into our lives more often. Beauty becomes all encompassing and thus stronger in its ability to uplift us.

We should all be encouraged to develop our own individual celebrations of beauty. This is a slow and evolutionary expedition, but it’s a personal and unique one. We have all the mediums available to us to do so. The more we stay inspired, the more we spread what we believe beauty to be, the more we shift the focus onto creators as opposed to corporations, the more women we can enhance, and the more women we can embrace.