The Brand Pioneering The Future Of Luxury Fashion, Carcel, Is Now Available On Net-A-Porter

With a clear agenda of empowering women and producing sustainably, Carcel is pioneering the future of luxury . The brand was founded by social entrepreneur Veronica D’Souza and designer Louise van Hauen in 2016 and merges Danish traditions for high quality with a socially responsible production. Now, they are scaling up the impact having launched on Net-A-Porter on June 22nd this year.


Courtesy of Carcel

Each Carcel garment is made by women in prison in order to empower them to obtain a crime-free future and break with poverty. As the young Danish brand continues to establish themselves on the global fashion scene, they are now joining the world’s leading high fashion labels at Net-A-Porter.

“We constantly ask ourselves how we can contribute to a future of fashion that empowers its producers and protects our planet without compromising on quality and material. Working with Net-A-Porter makes it possible for us to prove that a responsible production and desirable products can be both scalable and commercial”, says Veronica D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Carcel.

“It’s deeply rooted in our Danish design DNA to make pieces of long-lasting quality.”

In less than a year within its official launch, Carcel has already gained global recognition for its radically different model: transforming problems into solutions by re-evaluating every step of the supply chain. In addition to setting up productions in women’s prisons, the brand only uses 100% natural materials local to the country of production. The designs are made to last beyond seasons and launched in limited batches to eliminate stock and waste. The result are desirable, long-lasting and non-seasonal designs that are born classics.


Courtesy of Carcel

“It’s deeply rooted in our Danish design DNA to make pieces of long-lasting quality. Our designs have an understated sporty reference with a certain elegance. They are to be worn effortlessly and are items that you can always pull out of the closet – no matter the season. And to me, the Milano Outfit and our Uni-Tee are exactly that”, says Louise van Hauen, Creative Director and Partner at Carcel.

Net-A-Porter are increasing their focus on sustainable and ethical labels, including Carcel, as part of a broader commitment by THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, outlined in their responsibility statement: “We commit to leading developments in our industry and collaborating with brands and suppliers to improve practices”.

From June 22nd Carcel’s popular Uni-tee and the Milano Outfit will be available to Net-A-Porter’s global customer base, who in turn have the power to change the future of luxury fashion.