Model Londone Myers Calls for Fashion to Embrace Black Hair

Words: Beth Fuller
Featured Image: Arno Frugier


Model Londone Myers took to Instagram to show her followers what it’s really like to face racism in the Fashion Industry.

The time-lapse video showing the model being ignored by hair-stylists and others around her was taken backstage at Paris Fashion Week. Sadly, not only did the hairstylists not know how to cater to her natural hair, but, they had not addressed the model to apologise. In her caption Myers writes: ‘I don’t need special treatment from anyone. What I need is for hairstylists to learn how to do black hair’.


                       “if Fashion wants to capitalise on diversity,
it needs to cater towards it too”


This isn’t the first time a model has spoken out about mistreatment or neglectful attitudes towards her within the industry due to being a woman of colour. Jourdana Phillips, who has modelled for Victoria’s Secret, wrote: ‘Now that we have more models of colour we need hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, etc. [who] know how to support black beauty.’

This year, the Fashion and Beauty industry have celebrated diversity more than they have ever previously done so, yet, behind the exterior of championing women of colour deep-rooted racist issues are still present. Hence, these honest responses to the racist problems women and men similar to Londone Myers face during their career highlight that if Fashion wants to capitalise on diversity, it needs to cater towards it too.

Model Nejika Arias has also spoke out about these problems exclaiming that: ‘Fashion wanted diversity right! Get some diverse hairstylists, too!’. And so, whilst it’s a step forward that women of colour are being represented in media more and more, it is to be made clear that achieving the equality these women deserve will not happen without equal treatment of them.