The Lingerie Brand With A Refreshing Perspective On Female Form

Images: The Nude Label

In the past, lingerie brands would release campaign images of women with flat stomachs, smoothened skin and voluptuous cleavage. But, today brands such as The Nude Label are finally giving women a realistic vision of figures in inmate-wear.

Made in Spain, The Nude Label’s lingerie garments serve as an everyday basic for women of all sizes. With a fresh perspective, the brand uses imagery of models ranging in sizes, ages and ethnicities along with their stretch marks, creases and hair. Hence instead of targeting the everyday woman with a false depiction of what her body is to look like, The Nude Label appeal to women through the comforting likeliness to their own identity.


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Recently, the lingerie brand collaborated with photographer Olga de Iglesia in a project aimed to explore how we express our personality through how we dress. On the matter of identity through one’s body, Iglesia said: “Our naked bodies reflect our past experiences and the ones that are yet to come”.



Truthfully, The Nude Label is then able to display appreciation for women’s bodies by showing their flaws and without having to depict them in a sexualised aesthetic. Therefore, it becomes apparent that women needn’t be held on a pedestal as what other females should aspire to physically look like, but rather that the individual body is equal in an honest light.


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