Meet Kay Duffy, Creator of Visual Pursuit

Words: Beth Fuller
Featured Image: Kay Duffy

Creator and curator of Visual Pursuit, Kay Duffy talks about her personal passions and perceptions which lead to the liberating, energetic and universal exploration of female wonder.

Understanding ‘women as one’, Duffy presents a continuous collection of imagery, text and video which explores all elements of womanhood. Hence, rather than providing a creative niche that displays a definition of what it is to be female, Visual Pursuit proves that the beauties and capabilities of women are of limitless potential. The identity of women is to be explored, not defined.


cc : Ashabi Owa

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It is due to Duffy’s skill of curation that her vast scope of referencing and research can be pulled together effortlessly, for instance, a Fashion image of Twiggy perfectly sits next to a still from the 1976 Bollywood film Balika Badhu. The collection is then visually displaying in a figurative and literal sense that the diversity of women seamlessly flows together. And so, in a powerful way, any female identifying individual can scroll through the Visual Pursuit and feel connected.


cc : Mia Brammer by Riccardo Dubitante for, 2017

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What does beauty mean to you?

Honesty, emotion, character.

What made you want to create Visual Pursuit?

A passion for other people’s creative work. Visual Pursuit is a platform to share endless fascination. So many books, eras and art forms have shaped my approach to design and life.

How do you understand ‘female wonder’?

Female wonder is the experience of womanhood. My personal experience means femininity, sexuality and phenomena of the physical world. Visual Pursuit is more like a universe of creation; psychedelia, literature, surrealism. Women are my muses, particularly women who are just good at being themselves.


cc : Balika Badhu, 1976

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Indeed, Visual Pursuit brilliantly explores and represents the scope of all things involved with and inspired by womanhood. And so, one can contently get lost in the visual pursuit of female wonder.

Enjoy scrolling through the Visual Pursuit by clicking here.