Understanding Myself Through Illustration

Words and Artwork: Cherish Sadomba

I spent a chunk of my lifetime trying to understand my sexuality (in the heteronormative sense) whilst trying to create and understand myself. In being an object of desire, the male gaze almost dehumanises the female body and as a result my essence and my innocence. Being a black female, those experiences are almost intensified. There was a shift within myself as this journey took place alongside my personal growth; I wasn’t trying to deny myself the kindness I so openly gave out to the men I blessed by sharing my being.

It was the quiet conversations that took place in moments I caught myself in the mirror and stared back beaming with delight and usually for no real reason. I became present in who I am, who I want to be and who I knew myself to be. I came to an understanding of myself and the layers that a male gaze might miss, I became present in my womanhood and its raw awakening. My art is a direct reaction to my thought process; I am completely invested in my expression, my evolutions and revolutions, by reaching a level of being willing to embrace my feminine energy, I begin to nourish my soul into a space that is almost perpetually creative and thus creating. That expression might be in the form of illustrative pieces, paintings, mixed media collages or photography. To be bound by the medium is to stifle the truest expression.







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