Artist Helena Goddard Presents Femininity as a Feeling

Words: Sisi Savidge
Images: Helena Goddard

Falmouth-based artist Helena Goddard dedicates her craft to presenting female form as “exceptional, transcendental and delicate” in her drawings and paintings of nude women. In belief that women possess a unique and egoless “sameness”, Goddard’s  artwork presents an experience of femininity as a feeling.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa Goddard’s work is undoubtably influenced by natural forms which sets her artwork apart from typical British aesthetics. Moreover, she uses nature in connection with her depiction of women to portray a liberating sense of female power. To Goddard, femininity can be organically explored in connection to the natural world hence the term ‘Mother Nature’ becomes a concept. Also, Goddard’s illustrations often depict women without heads as a method of removing predetermined thoughts on beauty, race and conformity from her viewers.



Ultimately, Goddard’s artwork eschews current beauty ideals and focusses on the often overlooked role of women and their powerful and unashamed forces of life and nature. Importantly, the women that she illustrates are nude for no other purpose than themselves. Viewers are then able to learn so much about loving themselves as well as the Earth through Goddard’s work and can remember how such peace and empowerment can be found in solitude and solidarity with nature.

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