Get To Know: Your Best Sisterly Support System For All Things Business, The Coven Girl Gang

Championing women as entrepreneurs, The Coven is the newsletter for every female working in the creative industry. Aware of the nitty-gritty business element of creating your own career,  Sapphire Bates, founder of The Flower Arranger, is giving women a sisterly support system through The Coven. The community is currently a newsletter, Facebook group and real-life support that sheds light on all aspects of running a business. Filled with advice, interviews, girl-gang support and the chance to interact with other working women, The Coven is continuously growing to offer all creative business women their best foot forward with a sister at their side.

We love that you’re shedding light on female entrepreneurs and providing a sisterly support system, what made you want to begin doing this?
When I started The Flower Arranger I often really lonely. I’d spent days and days by myself and the only person I spoke to was my dog. This sends you a bit loopy after a while and makes it harder to stay inspired. I wanted to create a safe space where girls could come together and chat – whether you’re moaning or celebrating anything goes in The Coven.

I also became really aware that often as creatives we are so in love with the art that we make that we ignore the business side of things as much as possible. Lots of people hate it and the thought of sitting down to do admin and accounts is horrible – I want to change this. I want to provide people with the knowledge that they need to make their business flourish. You gotta make money to pay the bills and be able to keep creating the art that you love.

What has been the most rewarding element since beginning The Coven?
All the amazing women I’ve met so far. The venture is still super new, I haven’t even finished the website yet, that’s how early along we still are. In just a few months I’ve connected with 460 amazing women in The Coven and it just blows my mind. Everyone has such cool stuff that they are working on and they are working hard. It’s impressive.

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It’s really refreshing to see a newsletter champion women as hard-working, successful and smart business people. Was this something that you felt was missing in your own experience as an entrepreneur? 
 I don’t think it was missing – you only have to scroll through Instagram for five minutes to see a whole bunch of women doing some really cool shit and working hard. I just wanted to shine a light on each of them and bring it all into one place.

Any spoilers/ things we can get excited about for the #businessbabes campaign?
Aside from the fact it is going to be AMAZING? It is all top secret at the moment but there is a really cool panel talk coming soon with some super inspiring babes.


Has social media helped your own business?

Yes, a hundred times yes. Most of my work for The Flower Arranger comes through social media and this is pretty much what I’ve built my whole business on. I wouldn’t have the community I do without FB groups so a big thumbs up to social media.