Meet Ruby Vizcarra, the Model and Activist Changing Society’s Perception of Albinism


We spoke to Ruby Vizcarra who – at only 24 years old – is changing society’s view of albinism by embracing her uniqueness in order to “present the of albinos”.


Image by Rebecca Saray, courtesy of Ruby Vizcarra


Born in Mexico, Vizcarra was aware of being ‘different’ from a young age as she remembers that “children were telling me I was a ghost and this made me feel very bad; I grew up with a lot of teasing and looks from people all the time”, however, she decided to champion her appearance: “when I reached adolescence I decided to investigate my condition and gradually began to accept myself and try to help albinos who go through what I went or worse”.

Now recognised internationally as a model, Vizcarra has created a in around albinism as she explains, “I decided to be a model because I could no longer endure the offensive attitude towards albino people. Society says that we are ugly and horrible and I wanted to present the beauty of albinos- a beauty that many do not see. Regardless of color, race or social status we all have a distinct beauty that is what makes us unique”. But, Vizcarra is aware that the support for albinos must go further than a changed physical depiction of the condition, so, she has also began the foundation Albino Latino. The organisation provides support for people with ablinism as part of the movement to change the negative view of the condition.

On what beauty means to her, Ruby replied: “Beauty for me is what makes us different. We see a rarity in every person as part of their unique beauty; rarity for me is a great beauty.”

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