Amara La Negra: The Woman Educating The World About Afro-Latinos

Featured image: Joey Rosado

The talented singer Amara La Negra became a viral sensation after the premier of Love & Hip-Hop: Miami two weeks ago. The conversation  between Amara and the music producer Young Hollywood on the premier has opened the eyes of millions of people to the prejudices Afro-Latinos face today. Astoundingly, in roughly two minutes, Young Hollywood displayed every ignorance a person can have in relation to Afro-Latino identity:



As the producer makes his understanding that a woman with an afro doesn’t fit the American idealised appearance of a Latina woman, he highlights the effects of the stereotypical representation of women in the media. Young Hollywood’s thought that Amara ought to change her appearance in order to be “elegant and breathtaking” is sadly a thought of many. In fact, Amara La Negra’s recent exposure in the media has confirmed that many people were unaware of Afro-Latino identity entirely – assuming that all Latina women had the look of Shakira. Ironically, Shakira herself dyed her naturally jet-black, slightly curled hair to blonde when she broke through to the American market. Therefore, the epitomised appearance of Latina women is false in itself. Many people had even accused Amara of blackface on Twitter- echoing Young Hollywood’s ignorance: “Hold on – Afro-Latina? Elaborate – are you African? Or is that just because you have an afro?”.

Clearly there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the representation of authentic identity in the music industry, and thankfully, Amara La Negra isn’t changing for anyone.


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