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Beautifully covering the broad spectrum of all things woman, Her Society provides any female-identifying person an honest, educated and refreshing source of female-centric stories.


#FEMMFRIDAY “What a shame it would be to lose our traditional art practices before they’ve felt the female touch.” We reached out to artist, Laila Tara H (@llailatarah )who paint womanhood and talked past, present and future art. “I’m in a slight hiatus looking back at the origins of painting, specifically from the Middle East where I’m from. It’s time to revive tradition, sustainable materials and a lost respect for the earth. My childhood was nomadic, shifting from continent to continent, hardly living in big cities. I grew up where life revolved around what nature could or could not provide. To me, the earth is female. She provides, guides, and nourishes us. This is my way of paying homage to her and to all women. ” – @llailatarah

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Founded by New York-based Linden Van Cantroft, Her Society is built upon a community of ‘loyal, powerful, capable women’ offering a breadth of information on what it is to be a woman and what it is to be creative. To be successful in the creative industry can often feel like an intangible desire, so, Her Society breaks down the figurative barrier between success & creation and the aspiring woman. Thankfully, the exclusive articles, interviews and stories published via the monthly mailer and online community page develop the conversation on womanhood, meaning that women, from any background, can have a broad perspective on becoming an independent creative female. By adopting the theory that to celebrate one woman’s success then spurs the success of other women, the uplifting, inclusive and inspirational platform expands the mindset of readers, which, in turn, creates the feeling of potential and possibility in the individual. Share your story; share success.

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