Luna Del Pinal: The Slow Fashion Brand Supporting Native Artists of Guatemala

Featured image: Luna Del Pinal

Luna Del Pinal is the brand championing the slow fashion movement by placing creativity and appreciation of indigenous artistry at their heart.



Inspired by the the artistic traditions of the local community in Xela, Guatemala, founders Gabriela Luna and Corina Del Pinal chose to employ local Guatemalan artists and craftspeople to create their ethical, fashion-forward and hand-made clothes. This focus on ethical production and true craftsmanship is known as slow fashion. Essentially, slow fashion highlights the luxury of artistry by being attentive to cultural and social diversity in order to provide clothing entirely unique and original. This is therefore crucial today as the majority of the Fashion industry sadly relies on globalised mass production in order to provide a quick turnaround of on-trend clothing items.


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Importantly, Luna Del Pinal contributes to the awareness of ethical fashion. By following their desire to learn about Guatemalan artistic heritage, Gabriela and Corina share their passion for native craftsmanship with their customers. And so, the brand spurs a desire for hand-crafted, culturally-aware and unique items rather than repetitive trends available in every high-street shop. With a core collection and two seasonal collections, Luna Del Pinal offers Fashion a hopeful future in a more ethical stance.

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