Trophy Wife Barbie: The Instagram Account Hilariously Presenting Barbie Like a Real Woman

“Shit just got real.”


Owned by conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr, the satirical Instagram account, Trophy Wife Barbie, is placing the idealistic Barbie in real life scenarios. Seen resting her arms on her stomach rolls after dinner, and sunbathing topless with breasts that don’t stay in perfect forward-facing circles, this Barbie is a one that women can relate to.

On her reason for creating the account, Hofmeyr explained: “Trophy Wife Barbie’s main goal is to highlight the limitations of labels and to explore gender issues and the modern female identity”. Also, the witty creator added her meaning behind the antlers which adorn realistic Barbie’s head: “The antlers are a physical representation of a label imposed on her, likening her to a hunting trophy; something to be owned”.


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With 270,000 followers, Trophy Wife Barbie is undoubtably the way a modern day Barbie should be portrayed which shows that the idea of a perfect woman is an out-dated one, and, women today are far more free to be ‘what they want to be’.

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