Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs: The Designer and Women’s March Organiser Blending Activism and Art

Determined to create Fashion with value, activist and designer Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs is leading the effective zero-waste and anti-sweatshop commitment of the Fashion industry, and, in turn, is showing that Fashion and Politics go hand in hand in giving power to the people.


As the designer of New-York based brand Tabii Just and co-founder of female-focused brand LIVARI, Tabitha is making the politics of Fashion known. On introducing her own brands in an interview with Forbes, she made it clear that “we wanted to create something that would add value to the fashion landscape”. So, boldly and unapologetically, Tabitha uses her influence to raise awareness of the poor working conditions of thousands of people creating the clothes we buy, and, the amounts of harmful waste produced by Fashion production.

Also, by actively working as an advocate for fairness and equality, Tabitha is raising awareness that the Fashion industry – which is typically deemed as trivial – is in fact loaded with political issues. The artist therefore blends her passion for politics with her understanding of Fashion to promote female-focused activism on issues such as environmentalism and women’s rights. Moreover, as the Youth Organiser of the Women’s March, she proves that a voice in the Fashion industry can have immense impact. Indeed, the two interests of fashion and politics can combine for the better of both the Fashion industry and society at large. To better the fashion industry is to better the lives of people across the globe, and so, as Tabitha aptly explains: “We’re not just making clothes. We’re making culture”.


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