Get To Know: Galamaar, The Trend-Defying Swimwear Brand Made From Ocean Waste

Featured Image: Courtesy of Galamaar,
photographed by Amanda Bjorn

As a supporter of sustainable, slow Fashion we reached out to the new swimwear brand doing things differently. Forget Instagram bikini babes, photoshop and fake tan because Galamaar is here to give us authenticity.


Gala Maar campaign, photographed by Amanda Bjorn


Made from nylon salvaged from discarded fish nets, (which account for nearly 10% of ocean pollution) Galamaar’s timeless swimwear designs prove that waste-to-wear Fashion is not only about looking good, but feeling good. To wear a Galamaar bikini is to play a part in reducing ocean pollution; the brand’s ethos isn’t focused on the body wearing the bikini, but instead, is centred around the consciousness of the customer. So, the pressure of obtaining ‘summer body’ to look like the models in bikini brand ads is thankfully being replaced with efforts to better the environment. To learn more about Galamaar, we caught up with Blakley Wickstrom, the designer of this refreshingly innovate, sustainable swimwear.


Galamaar campaign, photographed by Amanda Bjorn


Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? How did you begin a career in designing?
I am a California Native, I was lucky enough to grow up blocks from the beach but left for The Fashion Institute and Technology in NYC to study design and to satisfy my desire for big city living. I also spent my last year of college in Florence Italy to study at Polimoda. I recently moved back after 14 years of living abroad and working in the fashion industry in New York, in order to be closer to my production in Los Angeles (and to skip winter forever!) .


What was your inspiration and motivation for creating Galamaar?
I had a pretty good job working as a designer but as the ethical and environmental reality of my industry began to register I found myself at a crossroad and I began to feel that my ethics did not align with my career path. I have a deep appreciation for nature and it’s painfully obvious how different the condition of the coast is compared to how it was when I was growing up. The plastic is everywhere and and the state of the tide pools and the life that used to be so thriving when I was little barely exists anymore. When my father died a few years back I was left with some money and decided to put it toward something positive by launching a brand I could be proud of while trying to help move my industry along in the right direction.


Galamaar campaign, photographed by Amanda Bjorn


What hopes do you have for the future of the brand?
I hope to grow Galamaar into an ethical resort lifestyle brand by adding street worthy coverups, beach accessories and possibly natural skin and sun products. Its important to me to do this organically and take my time with the process so we’ll see but that’s at the least the idea for now. I would also love to get to a point where I can sell at least a good majority direct-to-consumer with my prices reflecting that to be more accessible. I hope to do a lot of collaborations with other woman and and find ways to give back and elevate others and the issues that are important to me.