Fenn O’Meally: The Female Filmmaker Creating Authentic And Honest Content

Eyeko’s latest video campaign for their bespoke mascara is now a viral sensation as viewers continue to share the clip starring Daphne Self, the worlds oldest supermodel, in admiration of the brand sporting beauty in all ages. Whilst we are fans of the campaign, we’re more interested in the woman behind the lense: Fenn O’Meally.

We’ve seen campaigns championing diversity in order to be ‘on-trend’, but, the way in which Daphne is presented by the effortlessly effective filmmaker Fenn, enables an honest portrayal of beauty in older age. With a wink and pout from Daphne, Fenn captures a genuine appreciation of personality as well as beauty (a combination rarely presented in cosmetic advertisements).


This isn’t the first time O’Meally has captured ‘unconventional’ beauty. The short films ‘Skin’ and ‘Imperfection’ which are scripted, edited, directed and featuring the filmmaker herself offer a thumb-stopping square of authenticity while scrolling through the highlight reel that is social media. On speaking about her own skin, she comments: “My skin is black, or brown, or caramel. It indicates my age, my ethnicity, my work/life balance…still working that one out.”

Indeed, O’Meally’s work ethic as a young, female filmmaker is yet another reason the creative ought to be admired. By fearlessly leading her own career, she uses her growing platform to share her day-to-day life and present the hustle of a rising success. In an inspiring way, Fenn uses her experience thus far to encourage others to also pursue their unique career path. In an interview with Hunger Magazine, she had commented: “There needs to be support for female filmmakers, but I think there needs to be support for younger filmmakers in general.”

Fenn’s original and true content as both a presenter and filmmaker gives viewers laughter, honesty and engaging energy. Whilst the scope of her content ranges from cosmetic campaigns to encouraging youth to vote, across all topics, O’Meally proves that she can create charisma in anything.

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