Meet Kayla Gale, The Artist Presenting the Beauty in Motherhood

Mother of two and talented artist, Kayla Gale speaks to us on using motherhood as a concept for her illustrations. The Canada-based artist began creating images as a way of maintaining personal identity after giving birth, and, the way in which motherhood is drawn by Gale encapsulates this stage of life a woman may go through both beautifully and entirely. By using a line that isn’t perfect in shape and flow, Gale paints the raw and real imperfection of motherhood whilst presenting the simplistic and pure beauty of a bond between mother and baby. Her emotive line illustrations capture precious moments, preserving memories of motherhood at it’s most heartwarming; below, we find out the meanings behind this choice in creating.



Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? What is your background in illustrating/art?
I live in a small and quiet farming community in southern SaskatchewanCanada. I have two young children and I am a stay at home mother. Prior to becoming a mother, I worked as a florist for many years. I don’t have a background in illustrating or art. After my daughter was born, my life quickly changed from a busy, fast-paced secular world to a slow and quiet life centered on caring for my child. In order to maintain my sense of self, I began painting after her bedtime. I taught myself how to draw and spent hours studying how to use different mediums. I have made art in some form or another almost every day for almost four years now.


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We love your Motherhood collection of work, can you tell us a little bit about your decision to use motherhood as your concept?
Right now, I feel deep in the season of motherhood. I have a seven month old baby and a three-year old daughter, and every second of my day is overflowing with all of those defining moments that will add up to be what my life is about. Motherhood is incredibly raw and real, but surreal at the same time. It’s all consuming, but in a really good way. On one hand, I want to remember it all and hang on to everything possible, but it’s also so important to humbly let my children grow into strong, independent individuals. It’s a push and pull of hanging on and letting go. Making art about motherhood naturally evolved. It is my way of preserving the sweet and honest moments, while also embracing the beautiful changes of raising children.


Your artwork is ‘inspired by the spaces around us’, can you tell us what that means to you?
In the few years that I have been drawing and painting, I’ve noticed a thread of consistency through my work – the love of white space. I have a deep desire to be in quiet, uncluttered, open spaces, both physically and mentally, and it only makes sense that they also appear in my work.


 What is your perception of beauty?
I see a lot of beauty in the natural, raw, and pure.

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