Get To Know: Stella Simona and her Meaningful Jewellery Brand Haati Chai

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As an ardent designer, Stella Simona, the founder of Haati Chai, is providing jewellery with meaning for women. Thoughtfully, Simona sees jewellery as a story – an extension of oneself in a way that embodies individual identity. Haati Chai was then born out of Stella’s personal encounter with jewellery; as a child her Grandmother passed down precious pieces, forming a bond between the jewellery and its relationship between wearers.

We spoke with Simona to learn more about Haati Chai and the brand’s beauty in presenting women today with future heirlooms to exist through generations to come, and, across cultures, races and ethnicities.


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Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? How did you begin your creative career? What is your motivation?
I was born and raised in Los Angeles however my native roots are East Indian. My jewelry line Haati Chai pays homage to my culture which I love to embrace in many different ways, especially in my jewelry design. Growing up I didn’t feel like I had anyone exactly like myself to relate to. I also felt that I was very unique. My journey to becoming a jewelry designer has been a path to self-discovery and learning who I am.

I actually was doing photography at the time when I began dabbling in jewelry design. Within the first 2 months of designing my pieces were picked up by stylist friends for some amazing placements on artists such as Lana del Rey and Solange. One thing lead to another, and, I am here now. And so, my motivation is my passion.


We love that you revive your childhood memories of your grandmother’s jewellery through Haati Chai, why did you choose to do this?
Jewelry is meant to carry a story and an intimate bond with its wearer. My grandmother actually taught me the importance of this custom. Haati Chai is a collection of everyday heirlooms to be passed down between generations, carrying on the stories of those it has touched.

Haati Chai was established in 2011 from designer Stella Simona’s desire to fill a void for heirloom jewelry. Inspired by a woman’s beauty and form, her designs incorporate hints of East meets West and pays homage to the past while constantly looking forward. The Haati Chai woman is the epitome of a muse. To her a woman is most beautiful when she is comfortable in her own skin. She lives her life indulging in her passions and self discovery – through travels, philanthropy, and romance. She is always effortlessly accessorized and makes every moment matter by telling her journey and story in her style. Each piece is designed to play a symbolic role in the wearer’s life— everyday heirlooms to be passed down between generations, carrying on the stories of those it has touched.

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What does jewellery mean to you?
Jewelry is an extension of one’s self. It is another form of self-expression and identity.

What do you hope for the future of your jewellery line and blog?
I hope to connect with many more individuals who will one day own my pieces. I also look forward to seeing them pass their stories through the designs. I personally want anyone who is aware of my blog or jewelry lines to understand that where there is passion that there is always purpose.

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