Photography: Alexis Morales

“My name is Lex, 19-year-old artist and documenter from west palm beach, FL. May 2016 is when it all started for me really; I stole a camera (oops) from my local thrift. It was a Canon Rebel Xsn and man was she a beauty. I started documenting all my favorite people, things and places so that i could print them and show my kids one day, y’know like our parents did? Anyways, it was all just for fun, and it still is, however now it’s grown into an obsession. Every car ride I take, pictures and ideas flood my mind. I see fabrics, colors and spaces in a way I never have before. 

To me, beauty is simplicity. Any woman with a bare face and smile radiates in my eyes. Beauty to me is self-love – wearing what makes you feel good, exercising because you care about you and not how you look, sharing, giving and caring for others.

Dismantling female beauty standards is like a reflex for me. My whole life all I’ve ever heard has been “you look like a boy”, “why dont you wear makeup?”, “are you sure you wanna wear that?” and “girl you need to shave!”.  As a woman I had to learn that it is okay not to shave, the hair on your arms is supposed to be there, and that unibrow? One is better than none!! Women are not here to please any man or small-minded individual. We need to break free from opinion, judgement and concern. You are beautiful regardless of what the ideal standards are.”













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