Women’s Issue: The Visual Project of Women Sharing Honest Experiences

Words: Emma Roberts

Empowering the women of Columbia, and the world, is the Instagram based visual project dedicated to ‘women and their insecurities’: Women’s Issue. Created by Gabriela Holguin, the project is quickly gaining traction and catching the attention of women from all over the globe with it’s sensitive content featuring young women sharing their honest experiences.


Woman #4: Hannah Botero (@vinitoporfavor )🍷

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Speaking to Juan Regala in an interview, Holguin explains: ‘I was born with the gift of being listened.’ Whilst being heard in real life is a gift of its own, to be heard on a platform with over 600 million voices is even more spectacular. But, it is not Gabriela’s voice that Women’s Issue projects, it is the voices of the models featured on the page that are speaking to women online.

The project is structured into photo series with each series featuring photos and video interviews with models who openly discuss what their insecurities are, what they love about themselves, and the change they want to see in how women are discussed. The first series titled ‘Wet Hair Series’ featured Valentina Vergara and Camilla Ruiz and following this, the second series, is the ‘Red Lip Series’ featuring Valentina Burgos, Hannah Botero and Isabella Zabala. The girls featured are not just models, but women who want to share their thoughts and experiences with others who may be feeling the same way. The women are photographed at home, in casual clothes or underwear, giving the feeling of intimacy with a friend, rather than a model on set.


The charm of Women’s Issue is that the images do not necessarily focus on the women’s insecurities, but rather on them and their bodies as a whole. There is no agenda or specific issue that the project is trying to tackle; instead Women’s Issue is one of few platforms allowing women to simply sit and talk about whatever they like. Honestly and openness on a platform filled with manicured realities is a rare joy, and so, we are looking forward to the next series from Women’s Issue, and more importantly the stories of the women who come with it.

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