Trash is for Tossers: The Package Free Shop Making Zero-Waste Life Easier

Words: Emma Roberts
Featured Image: Package Free

Lauren Singer is living a waste free lifestyle in New York City. Whilst for many of us living a waste free life sounds appealing, the reality of it seems too difficult. To combat this, Singer, as a “Believer in business as a force for good”, is bringing the opportunity for New Yorkers to make the waste-free change realistic with her new store Package Free.


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Having studied Environmental Studies in college, Lauren embarked on her Zero Waste journey in 2012 and has been documenting it on her blog Trash is for Tossers. The blog is filled with tips and advice on how to reduce waste and she does it all without compromising on style or comfort. Her latest business venture, Package Free, carries only products that she has used before and that have biodegradable, reusable or zero packaging. Products range from beauty products to home accessories, so shoppers can make a significant change to their waste levels without entirely overhauling their lifestyles.


Who’s ready to make this their 2018 mantra?! #packagefree #zerowaste #liveyourvalues

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Written on the wall of her store is the moving statistic registering the amount of waste created by the 45 million people living in America: ‘The average american produces 4.5 pounds of trash each day. That’s like tossing 45 million elephants each year.”. By buying low waste products, recycling and composting Signer has managed to reduce the amount of waste she had produced over the past 5 years to be small enough to fit in a mason jar. Thankfully, she uses her reach to share her belief that ‘the burden of waste should [never] fall on the consumer. I think first that burden should fall on businesses that are manufacturing test products that create waste’.

With such an innovative store concept and such beautiful and functional products, hopefully more retailers will see that offering environmentally friendly products does not mean that they have to compromise on quality or appearance.

Shop Package Free here.