Ethical Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Featured image: Hara the Label

To switch to a sustainable wardrobe may feel like quite a pricey change to make. Whilst so many of us today are more ethically conscious, we’re also more cost-conscious too; we don’t want to have to break the bank for everyday outfits. So, here are five brands to make the switch to sustainable, ethical or slow-fashion possible at a lower price.


Hara the Label

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By making intimates out of bamboo fibre and teaming up with the Environmental Justice Foundation, Hara the Label provides unique day-to-day underwear for all women with their ethically focused vision.

Price range: £25 – £30



Paloma Wool

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Made in Barcelona, Paloma Wool is the outcome of a personal project by Paloma herself. From shoes, clothing, objects and jewellery, the brand places creativity at its core of and champions the slow-fashion movement.

Price range: £34 – £115



Aliya Wanek 

Image from: Aliya Wanek

All garments by Aliya Wanek are handmade by Aliya and her team in Oakland, CA. The brand focuses on blending American style with Japanese aesthetics, and, is committed to exploring female identity through a woman’s perspective.

Price Range: £15 – £150




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Celebrating their motto to LovYourself, this intimates and accessories brand is based in Barcelona. By putting the spirit and strength of women at the core of their brand, LÖV products empower all women to feel beautiful, whilst being sustainable and at an affordable price.

Price Range: £31 – £70



Tate NY

Handmade in Brooklyn, New York, Tate NY creates jewellery and handbags inspired by the shape created by artists such as Jean Arp. Each piece created by Tate NY is one-of-a-kind to reflect each customer’s individuality.

Price Range: £46 – £78