Nubian Skin: The Brand Showing That ‘Nude’ Is Not Always ‘Beige’

Words: Alicia Brittle
Featured Image: Photographed by Joey Rosado for the Nubian Skin ‘Naked Collection’

Empowering Women. Embracing our Colour.


Nubian Skin is a brand which aims to provide ‘a different kind of nude’ for women of colour. The founder, Ade Hassan, is revolutionising the way we see ‘nude’: it doesn’t always mean beige.

Determined to meet the needs of women who lack the option of suitable skin-tone underwear, Nubian Skin have introduced a collection of hosiery, lingerie and shoes which vary in size and colour. There are four skin-tones to choose from and the choice is made easier by a helpful guide, which details the skin-tone you should opt for depending on foundation shade.

Now with worldwide delivery, stockists across the globe and a place on, the option of nude underwear for women of colour has become more accessible thanks to Nubian Skin. By addressing the difficulties women of colour face starting with the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, Hassan has empowered women across the globe by embracing colour. Thanks to her creation of Nubian Skin, essential nude underwear can be worn by all women, inclusive of women of colour.


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