Influencer Nikki Perkins Calls for a Broader Range of Make-up Shades to be Sold in Australia

The beauty scene is starting to become more inclusive of different ethnicities, however, whilst these shades exist, they aren’t making it to the shelves of Australian stores. To raise awareness of the process of marginalisation through makeup, Australian influencer and Youtuber, Nikki Perkins, called for Australian stores to stock more shades in her video below.



By giving her 300,000 subscribers a tour of her local Target’s make-up selection, she shows the shockingly limited choice of only a “million shades of beige” to select from. She continues to explain that “they never have anything close to my shade” to challenge the hypocrisy that there are products available for her skin tone, yet, they’re only available overseas and online – not in-store.

By using her online reach, Nikki has been able to show viewers a first-hand insight to what it’s like shopping for makeup in Australia as a woman of colour. And, although she goes on to praise Fenty Beauty for releasing 40 shades at launch, she uses this as an example of what is possible in terms of inclusivity, yet, what is the reality of the beauty industry in Australia.  It is clear then that stores in all areas need to be conscious of their shade selection to better cater for their diverse customers. Hopefully, the future women of colour in Australia will never have to experience marginalisation through makeup in this way: “As a person of my complexion, it’s just really unfair that we are left out all the time. We can never get excited about products that are coming out, because we know that there isn’t going to be anything in there for us.”


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