Lonely Lingerie: The Brand Carving the Way to a Better Representation of Women

Words: Beth Fuller
Feature image: Lonely Girls Project

As pioneers in defying the norm by representing all women, Lonely Lingerie are continuing to break the boundaries of how women are depicted in imagery with their ongoing Lonely Girls Project.


We’ve seen the Fashion and Beauty industry finally catch up with how women ought to be represented, but, this recent movement wouldn’t be possible without brands such as Lonely Lingerie carving the way fifteen years ago. The loved intimates brand developed a bond with their consumers immediately, and it remains today as the label is recommended from woman-to-woman of any body size, age and background. The heartfelt tie between brand and consumer began as founder Helene Morris was tired of only seeing airbrushed images of women. In an interview with Vogue in 2012, she had explained: “There’s so much photoshopping and air-brushing these days, it’s just so good to have imagery out there that is real”. With this awareness of how ‘ahead of the curve’ the brand was, (particularly in the lingerie industry) it becomes apparent that Lonely Lingerie have helped propel the industry into the inclusive mindset it embodies today.


Nadine – Wahroonga, Sydney – 2.2.18 – 3/10

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With the power of a woman’s vision, the standards have shifted from being placed on how a woman should look, to how a woman should be communicated to. In aid of this positive movement, the brand began the Lonely Girls Project – an online showcase of women bringing the lingerie to life by wearing the underwear in their way. Women from all walks of life feature in the collection making the project one of the most honestly diverse campaigns of today. Moreover, with the concern of diversity being used as a trend Lonely make it clear that their message is intrinsic to their ethos rather than a hot-topic marketing ploy: “For us it’s really important to repeat these messages, to represent our values as a brand and show people that we really mean it.”


Here to stay, the no-beauty-standards movement is becoming more appreciated by women everywhere with thanks to the women with visions of change in previous years. By holding up a mirror to our existing beauty rather than give us an aim of how to look, Lonely Lingerie have benefited the way we see ourselves by allowing be as we are. And so, whilst it’s an exciting time to think of the future, it’s important to pay tribute to those that were there at the starting line in the run to stop the oppressive ideals of female appearance and make women feel beautiful no matter what.


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