Photographer Lauryn Hare is Visually Presenting the Emotions of Womanhood in her Series ‘Striving For Excellence’

Words: Grace Turner
Featured Image: Lauryn Hare

Oregon-based film and natural-light photographer, Lauryn Hare, is portraying her personal experience of moving through womanhood and the complex emotions that entwine in her photography series Striving for Excellence.



As an artist who has graced Vogue Italia’s ‘Best of PhotoVogue’ over a dozen times, Lauryn Hare is continuing to strive for new heights with her emotive series Striving For Excellence. The empowering project features images of her artistic partner, Madison, as she acts as a visual representation of the range emotions experienced throughout womanhood. By fusing ideas of photography and psychology together, Hare provides a visual presentation of her emotions throughout the years and, in turn, gives the viewer a rare insight into personal emotions. Throughout the series, Hare has proved successful in mastering the use of body language, facial expression, colour symbolism in order to create accessibility for the viewer in order to relate to the images and the emotions in which they portray. 


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