The Top Three Ethical Apps Bringing Sustainable Shopping to your Fingertips

Words: Emma Roberts

With an estimated £140 million worth of clothing going into landfill each year, many people are choosing fast fashion over long-lasting, quality clothing. Between shopping for the best prices and most convenient products, it can be easy to forget to shop sustainably, particularly with clothing. Here to make the process of shopping sustainably for fashion and beauty an easier one are three apps dedicated to giving you all the information you need at a tap of your screen.

Good on You


Good on You is a free app that is available worldwide after its huge success in Australia. Simply search a brand and Good on You will show a rating based on how they impact workers, the environment and animals. With over 1,100 brand listed already and the opportunity to suggest new ones, Good on You gives everyone the chance to check if their favourite brands align with what they believe in. The app also shows you the latest sales and discounts all in one place and users can send feedback directly to brands.


Another ethical app available for free is Buycott, allowing users to scan barcodes on products and see if the product is ethically produced and good for your health. Like Good on You users can also communicate with companies and demand better ethical responsibility.


Good Guide

Another barcode scanner, Good Guide gives detailed ratings on the nutritional value of products whilst flagging up potential health and concerns associated with the products ingredients and origins. Although it’s available worldwide, Good Guide mainly covers US products, but is still useful for getting a look at how our most commonly used products affect our bodies.

Giving the power back to the consumers, these apps are a huge next step in making sustainable and ethical brands visible to more people. With consumers making more informed decisions and holding brands accountable for the impact they have on the planet, hopefully we will begin to see household names becoming sustainability favourites.