#SaggyBoobsMatter: The Hashtag Calling For a Change in How We View the Perfect Breasts

Words: Alicia Brittle

23-year-old Chidera Eggerue is championing autonomy for women over their bodies with the hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter. The hashtag calls out for women with breasts of all shapes and sizes to realise that their bodies matter and deserve representation in the media.


After feeling pressured by the standard being placed upon her as a woman, a standard which is reinforced by packaging displaying women with breasts that weren’t like hers, Chidera developed insecurities and even considered breast surgery at just 18 years of age.

The shift away from feeling insecure to embracing self-love occurred when Chidera came to realise that she did not want to look back at her younger years and regret not being happy. She states that: ‘Insecurities are something of the mind’ and that ‘I’m way too young to be feeling this tired of my body’.

With this new mind-set, at 19 Chidera decided to stop wearing a bra and avoiding clothing that would reveal her breasts. By embracing her naturally saggy breasts, Chidera has not only given herself agency over her own body, but the hashtag has also opened up a conversation and encouraged other women to reclaim ownership of their bodies and embrace what they have, in whatever form it may be.

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