Here’s Why Everlane Is Leading The Way For Ethical Choices and Positive Representations of Women

Words & Featured Image by: Joshua Greenwood

Ethical, modern and designed to last, Everlane is the clothing brand leading the way to a positive future of Fashion.

Founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman, Everlane has become extremely popular; with over 467,000 followers on Instagram and the likes of Angelina Jolie and Gigi Hadid sporting their clothing it is taking ethical practices into the popular sphere of Fashion.


Everlane is noted for its philanthropy, with their mission statement being “We believe we can make a difference. Our way: Exceptional Quality. Ethical Factories. Radical Transparency.” Also the brands highly popular line “100% Human”, further pushes Everlane’s values, in which $5 from each sale is donated to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union); the collection has sold out twice since its launch.

Along with this collection, Everlane have created a 100% SF Kit, partnering with Dolores Street Community Services, a non-profit dedicated to helping low income and immigrant communities. Their partnership is ongoing; however, they have stated they plan on donating $20,000 to begin with, with proceeds from the sales of the kits going straight to the organisation.

Moreover, the brand has recently launched the empowering campaign, #LoveYourUnderwear, introducing their underwear aimed to champion all body sizes whilst being manufactured in an equally positive way. The underwear is made of Supima cotton so that it’s the best on the skin, and, is made at an ethical factory which is driving the ethical production of garments forward with its values of wages, workplace environment and female empowerment.


To: Everyone From: The Women of Everlane #LoveYourUnderwear for women (and men).

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And so, a customer of Everlane can feel beautiful in her most intimate clothing just as she is, and, at the same time, know that this hasn’t come at the hefty price of un-fair Fashion.

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