Online Creator, Grace Victory, Has Released A Platform To Encourage Healing

Words: Beth Fuller
Featured Image: Linda Blacker

Grace Victory, the London-based content creator and author, has begun a new venture to share the power of healing trauma with others with her recently released platform Heal Grow Glow.


💕 So I think I’ve cried every week for the past few months because I’ve felt a bit lost and a bit frustrated that I wasn’t prepared for the journey I’m on. I’ve changed and grown so much that I was a phone call away from quitting my job, deleting all my YouTube videos & moving abroad 😂 I’ve had this niggle in my soul that something needed to change, that something needed to reveal itself to me and tell me that I’m in the right place and that things will work out 🙏🏽 And then today something clicked and @healgrowglow was born with a dream so big that a rush of excitement and emotion hit me. I love what I do but I know my purpose is greater and that my trauma is not in vain ✨ God’s timing eh? I needed a project, a new focus, a new reason. —— @healgrowglow is my service and encouragement to others who want to HEAL their trauma, GROW through the aches & enter their GLOW. Join in the conversation and open your hearts to the power of vulnerability. Use #healgrowglow to spread the love and to be featured on the page. Please follow @healgrowglow and tell all your mates. ✨🍃

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Known as the ‘internet’s big sister’, Grace has dedicated her career to bravely present an alternative narrative on topics such as happiness, health, fitness, trauma, race, class and more. She uses her popular platform and beaming personality to tackle these complex topics with an honest and tangible approach. As a result, her voice has caused a ripple of positivity across her online presence, and, created clarity around these sensitive issues (which are typically spoken of in an oppressive manner by dominant voices in society). Through offering solace to others in the plot of her own story, her newest venture has been created with the  purpose to help others – no matter who they are –  embark on their own plot of healing and growing so that they too can establish a happy ending of trauma with their defiant glow.

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