Diversify Your Instagram Feed: Curve Models

Words: Emma Roberts

You may not be able to change every brand, model agency and advertising agency to better the way in which they present beauty, but you can change your own social media feeds and take control over the images you see everyday. In this new segment, we will be showing you some of the best people to follow in order to have a positive online experience, starting with these (role)models injecting body positive brilliance into the facade of the online social world.

With the average size of a woman being size 16, consumers are demanding that mainstream brands use models that reflect realistic bodies of the majority of women as well as the glorified smaller sizes. Whilst many brands are listening and using diverse groups of models – H&M and ASOS are leading examples – there is still along way to go. While we wait for all brands to realise that diversity isn’t just a trend, it is possible to take charge of the images we see on social media. Indeed, with the beloved Instagram at your fingertips you have the power to curate your own feed of images which boost you self-esteem instead of tear it down. So, here are 7 unbelievably gorgeous curve models to follow on Instagram which will bring some much needed body positivity to your feed.


Carina Behrens 



Charlotte Kuhrt



Sabina Sadnik


Ladies, show them your strong legs ❤ THEY ARE FUCKIN‘ BEAUTIFUL

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Emma Breschi


Last Night in Paris 😢🌹🇫🇷💋 #jetaime

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Barbie Ferreria



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Paloma Elsesser


thinking nice thoughts ~

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Naomi Shimada 


ur fav lil power puff gyal 💕

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