Taylor Larzo On Changing The Idea Of Flaws

Featured image: Taylor Larzo

Physical markers of difference to the norm are typically understood as flaws. In order to change the face of beauty, the understanding of flaws, or even, the entire notion of being flawed in physical appearance, needs to change. Why is a person seen as beautiful despite their flaws? Why is someone applauded for championing their flaws? Perhaps a flaw should be seen as beautiful in itself, and, in effect, not a flaw at all. In conversation on this topic, we spoke with Taylor Larzo, a young woman in Texas speaking out on the reactions of her appearance as being beautiful despite being ‘flawed’ and how she herself understands beauty.


I hear people often say, “Just because you are a flawed, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.” To me, that translates to, “Ohhh just because you look like that doesn’t mean you are ugly.” I look at things very differently so……Wym 🤔🤨 you’ve got it all wrong. I AM BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE I look like this! 💁🏾‍♀️ WHO are YOU to look at ME and point out my TWO DIFFERENT COLORED EYES & GRAY HAIR & take it upon yourself to say those are my “FLAWS”? Because believe it or not, I don’t look at my two different colored eyes & gray hair as “flaws”. This is how God made me. This is EXACTLY how he intended for me to look. I remember when I was in school and kids used to say, “God made a bunch of mistakes when he made you.” And that bothered me for a really long time. But today, I look at myself in the mirror EVERYDAY in awe & admiration because I KNOW God made me FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY! He doesn’t make mistakes. Just because you don’t understand it, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or a mistake. I can honestly say I’m happy with how I look. Sadly, there’s tons of people out there that aren’t happy with themselves so they alter their appearance just so they can be considered “bad” or “beautiful” all because they want to be accepted. See, I don’t wish to be accepted. I wish we lived in a time where everyone can be comfortable with who they are, but there’s so much confusion in the world. Nobody should have to get body altering surgeries or anything like that just to please people so they can feel happy with themselves. That’s why self love is important! Not saying they didn’t love themselves at all, but I wish they would have loved themselves ENOUGH to see how beautiful they were to begin with. But everyone has their own reasons on why they do want they do & trust me, I 👏🏾 GET 👏🏾 IT! I just wish everyone would stop trying to make themselves fit into the “ideal” standards for what “others” THINK beauty is, because THEY AREN’T REAL. To sum this all up, FREE YOSELF from what others think & say about you. Don’t let people & their opinions make you insecure. Love yourself just as you were created. ✨

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Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? How old are you? How did you get started in modeling?My name is Taylor, I’m 20 years old, and I’m from a small town in Texas called Beaumont. I kind of got started when I got signed in February of 2017. Growing up, people would always tell me that I should model, so one day, I prayed and I took that leap of faith.


Has modeling changed the way you see yourself or your view on beauty overall?
I would not say that modeling has changed the way I see myself because I know I’m beautiful, always have been and I always will be. Modeling doesn’t determine your beauty.


What does beauty mean to you?
Wow. Well in the Bible in Genesis 1:27, it says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Meaning he took his precious time to make us all FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY. And that’s beautiful. We are all just unique reflections of each other, I see beauty in EVERYONE, because I see the beauty in ME. THAT IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL.


If there is one message you could tell girls and women about beauty standards/ about being seen as ‘different’ what would it be?
There’s nothing wrong with being different. Don’t let anyone tell you something is wrong with you. God made you how you are for a reason, that should tell you that nothing that was put on you was a mistake, because he doesn’t make mistakes. You are beautiful!


What are some hopes you have for the future?
My hopes for the future are that one day everyone will celebrate the beauty of everyone and not just certain people and that everyone will love themselves and others. People don’t understand how important this is. My future plans is to continue getting closer to God and spreading this message.


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