Meet The Artist With Plans To Support Unheard Women Today

Featured image: Lucette Romy

Bali-based creative, Lucette Romy, is an all-round woman of talent, skill and creativity. We sat down with the deeply interesting entrepreneur to hear about her experience in  creating her own brand, developing as a photographer, the current climate of the creative industry and beginning her own project titled the Wylde Woman which will be released later this year.


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You have such a strong and positive impact online through both your personal imagery and your work focusing on the beauty in a variety of women, when would you say your interest in photography, and capturing the aesthetic of individual beauty began?
I have always been interested in photography but originally I was focused on shooting clouds and storms. It didn’t really start to develop into shooting with people until I launched my brand The Wylde as I was creating all of my own content. Prior to launching The Wylde, I was modelling and I found myself in the middle of an industry that was over saturated with photos that depicted ‘the perfect body’  or ‘the perfect face’ and images that were very heavily photoshopped. It’s funny because a lot of the girls that I have shot with I have still received negative messages from my viewers because the girls were ‘unrealistic’ for being skinny and they viewed my message as contradictory. The point is to love every body, every shape and every size. Because realistically, some of us are naturally slimmer than others, or we have a little more cushion. Some of us have more stretch marks, or cellulite, or freckles, or scars or whatever it might be, and the point is to just embrace all of it. We’re not clones!! 

I keep seeing these photos of skin that looks almost as if it’s been airbrushed and it’s really dawned on me how much I dislike that style of imagery, not only for not being real and authentic but also because along the way of my own path I have come to know how important it is to embrace yourself unapologetically for being you. It really is engrained in everything that I want to do and create with The Wylde as well, which is why I will be working and sharing The Wylde Woman project a lot more this year. 



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Where are you from? Did you study or have any particular creative experience? How did you get to where you are in your career today?
I was born in Colorado and grew up in Sydney, but I now live in Bali and am planning to spend half my year in Bali and half in Hawaii. I kinda love the island life haha! I studied Art throughout school and chose to also study film photography and graphic design in my last two years of high school. I find creative classes and workshops really interesting for me personally. I grew up painting and drawing and before I moved into photography – I was exhibiting and selling my works in a few small galleries in Australia. 

I had a lot of people tell me that I should go to University to study Art and learn more, but it’s completely subjective. I never felt like I needed to study the theory of art so much and I didn’t like the idea of having someone to teach me a curriculum of how to be an artist or how to be creative because I just am; in every aspect of my life I feel like I can call it Art haha. Shifting into photography was fun because I’m still learning so much every time I pick up my camera. Photography is probably the only subject that I feel like I could study to learn the technical aspects such as editing. But, I’m just going to keep doing my thing and develop as I go along. Thankfully people have love for and resonate with my work, so it’s just developed on it’s own.


What does beauty mean to you?
I think a lot of people deem beauty as aesthetic, but I really see beauty in all forms. Beauty is so much more than just the exterior, it’s more of an energy to me. To the point where I partly agree with the definition itself of beauty, but how I resonate with what is beautiful and the energy that it gives off.. I’m not sure there are even words to describe it. It’s a feeling.



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We love that you photograph women in a way which highlights their unique beauty which doesn’t necessarily fit the accepted and expected ‘standards’ of female appearance. What is your opinion on beauty standards and the notion that only a certain appearance can be considered beautiful?
I think it’s all bullshit.  This industry has been created to make money, bottom line. If everyone loved and accepted themselves without these standards I have no doubt the industry would collapse, or at least change into something else. Right now, that is happening, the beauty ideal is shifting. The standards are becoming more diverse and we are seeing more and more people break the moulds. It’s more about personality and owning your unique look and I think that should be celebrated. We aren’t here to play any role other than that of being ourselves and I think it’s really important to empower people to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and personality. It’s actually an incredible time to be in the industry because it is changing. 


Olga for The Wylde

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Do you have any further hopes and plans for your work?
I have so many plans, sometimes I don’t really know where to begin! I would love to share The Wylde Woman project more, it’s kind of coming hand in hand with what I do as a photographer and designer being able to shoot and speak with different women about their lives and experiences and how they got to where they are today. So far this has only been done with people I know through the online world. But I want to get out of that, travel and shoot more abroad. There is so much in this world unseen and unspoken and I want to be able to share that and support those women in whatever ways they need. I’m also working on creating a few series for personal works, and would love to start selling some of my works as prints.


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