Eileen Fisher Is Hosting A “Waste No More” Exhibition in Milan and Online

Words: Jamie Olesker

Showcasing many new innovations in technology as well as in sustainability at Salone de Mobile in Milan this year, Eileen Fisher hosted “Waste No More”, an art installation curated by Li Edelkoort and Phillip Fimmano. The installation’s title not only indicates that “these products are no longer wasted,” but “it also says to the public, ‘Waste no more.’” Edelkoort said. Shown from April 17- April 22 in Ventura Centrale’s vaulted tunnels, this project emphasizes the negligence of the fashion industry’s responsibilities on environmental initiatives and highlights the staggering amount of waste that is produced.

As Fisher told WWD, “There are arguments whether [fashion] is the second or third largest polluter in the world”. Since 2015, Fisher launched Vision 2020, her mission for the company to meet various criteria in environmental, water, carbon, and humanitarian goals to recycle a million garments by that year as well as creating “eco- preferred” clothing. DesignWork is the company’s latest project that embraces makers who felt and stitch gently used garments into enthralling tapestries, upholstery, and other interior accessories that is used for the art exhibition.

Launched with ABC home, DesignWork items will be available online as well as on Eileen Fisher’s website this spring. “Now when I see a big pile of clothes, I see what the waste can turn into — a big pile of pillows,” Fisher said.