Halo Labels: The Ethical Brand Connecting Clothing To Our Senses

Words & Feature Image: Joshua Green

Berlin-based fashion brand, Halo Labels, is presenting beautifully unique products which focus on textures, fabrics, and fibres to create a sensory experience hinging on memory. Moving back to basics, designer Ala Sowiar believes that we can connect emotionally to a piece of clothing, and so, Halo Labels offers pieces that make you truly feel good. With an authentic ethos the brand holds fine focus on the essence of nature and fabric. Sowiar explains the luscious clothing should be worn “easily and lightly”, tending to opt for a more natural, loose-fitted silhouette and neutral colour palette.


courtesy of Halo Labels, photographer: Bennie Julian Gay, stylist: Paulina Cwojdzińska


Halo Labels treats textiles as a soft matter and prioritise the relationship between the texture of the materials they use and the woman wearing the clothing. Their latest collections and products are showcased in annual, non-seasonal collections, complimented by their permanent clothing lines: GUAZE SHIRTS – made from 100% pure cotton medical gauze for complete softness, sheer and respiration. They are hand dyed with natural pigments, and due to the artisanal techniques used to create these products, each piece is unique.


Courtesy of Halo Labels photographer: Bennie Julian Gay, stylist: Paulina Cwojdzińska


Courtesy of Halo Labels photographer: Bennie Julian Gay, stylist: Paulina Cwojdzińska


Their 2017 collection was named, Increase the life span of your clothes, offering a collection that affirms freedom, well-being and the pleasures of being who you are; summing up just a few of the brands values.

“Feeling good in our clothes, learning how to take care of the body and the surroundings we occupy, is directly linked to awareness.” Founder, Ala Sowiar.

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