Creating Your Own Career As A Young Woman Today

Words: Beth Fuller
Featured image: Emanuel Taylor

Kelly Capuano, the young model represented by Models 1, is showing that today you can harness your voice, platform and potential to create your own career. With ‘girlboss’ becoming a buzzword for millennials, we decided to sit down and have a catch up with Cupuano to hear her opinion on having a career in the creative industry, her favourite moment so far and how she remains motivated during those inevitable unconfident moments we all encounter.



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It’s makes us so happy to see that models today are finally being credited for being ‘more than a model’ and are able to show the dynamics of their personality, what makes them who they are. Is there anything you’d love to share that is maybe not known about you?
I think being ‘more than a model’ is such an important thing and it also benefits your career greatly. One of my goals since I started working as a model was to not just ‘be a model’ and keep all of my other interests close to home. I have another job with Brandy Melville which is a clothing store I have been working with since I was 13. I love it because it still is within the fashion realm of things but I don’t just model for them, I work in the stores, have helped with the product, and also help with some of their castings to find their models. Seeing things from the other side has helped me understand a lot more about this business.


The creative industry as a whole can seem incredibly exclusive and tends to intimidate people trying to carve their way in. How did you get started and create such an impressive trajectory at a young age?
In my opinion being yourself and being confident in what you like and do will draw people in to your brand. If you are your own individual and have your own personal style that is the best way to gain respect in the industry. 


Have you had any of those ‘oh my goodness’ moments where you realised that you have accomplished something your younger self would be super, super happy about? What moment did that for you?
I think the most accomplishing moments for me are when I see myself in a published magazine shoot. It is such a cool thing to have real prints from magazines that I can show to my family and friends. Seeing final results and having things come full circle is always such an amazing feeling. 


Have you had any unconfident moments? How did you pick yourself up and keep yourself motivated?
This job is filled with unconfident moments, you have to have a thick skin and not take things to personally because there are always going to be people that aren’t going to like you. The times where I have been down on myself I try and brush it off and move on. I make an effort to work harder, focus on what I can do better, and not take to the head things I can’t change.


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