Meet the Bloom Twins, the Ukrainian Singing Duo Shaking Up the Internet

Words: Ellie June Goodman

It’s been five years since Ukrainian duo the Bloom Twins shook the internet with their first release, “Fahrenheit”, and they haven’t stopped since. Represented by Models 1, Anna and Sofia Kuprienko have since become international high fashion models, appeared in films, UNICEF campaigns, and have continued to release a string of beautiful singles that really do fit the banner of “Dark Pop”. Ahead of the release of their new EP and a show at Camden Assembly on 17th May, we caught up with the girls to find out more.  


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How did you first start making music?
Our first song that we wrote together is called “She’s Now Me”, and, funnily enough, it is our latest single. When we moved to London we discovered a world of writing. Moving to the capital of music was a drastic change for us in many ways: language barrier, trying to make ends meet, we didn’t like to be treated like kids and music was like a therapy for us, a way to get our voices heard.


What is it like to tour and perform with your sister?
When you perform in front of thousands of people you get an incredible rush of endorphins, hence after a gig you might feel low and that’s when we are so lucky to have someone who knows you so well – your twin. My sister is like my partner in crime. We do everything together and it really helps to follow our rituals for a successful gig: cup of coffee, singing two different songs at the same time, and stealing outfits from one another.


How does working together affect the way that your music develops? Is there an interesting dynamic in the writing process?
Our music genre is called Dark Pop. Nothing can explain our writing process better than this term. It’s where the opposites clash. Where black meets white. And that is how we create songs, we get to an agreement. Even though we look the same our taste in music are very different: one of us under captivity of analog electronic music, and the other is a hip hop addict, so it gets quite challenging to agree on something, but that’s what makes it so interesting.


Tell us about the new EP, what have been the main inspirations behind it?
This is going to be our first EP. We have been carefully selecting our best songs to deliver what Dark Pop means to us. These song about our journey from our small town, Brovary, to London, it is about us discovering not only us as separate identities but as a whole, as a one. This EP we don’t want to be songs about us only, we want everyone to feel comfortable to have these songs tell their stories of happiness and sorrow, of ups and downs, and maybe they can even be their therapy or a best friend when they need it the most.


What else do you guys have coming up this year?
We are incredibly excited to have a show at Camden Assembly on the 17th of May, have a few festivals in Ukraine this summer and more songs an videos and little surprises that can’t be revealed.


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