Sustainable & Organic Haircare Products That Actually Work

Featured image: Created by Noa Vee

We’ve seen the influx of green, sustainable and organic products in skincare, but can the same ethos be applied to haircare? With there being 12 different hair types, and, different preferences on smell, style and consistency it can be difficult to tick all the boxes for what a woman requires for her hair whilst remaining green. However, there are numerous brands out there taking on the challenge, and so, to filter through the selection for you we’ve provided the ones that really do work without sacrificing being stylish either.


Maria Nila

Tried and tested by us, the Maria Nila products don’t sacrifice the quality of it’s purpose or aesthetic to go green. 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free and produced in Sweden, this brand presents haircare that is amazingly high quality, luxurious smelling an beautiful to place on your shelves.




Davines is a family owned haircare brand that employs the ethos of sustainable beauty. Not only does Davines care for hair, but, they also aim to improve the work-life for those in the beauty industry stating that: ‘Our aim is to inspire and improve the work life quality of worldwide beauty professionals through concepts, products and services that will allow them to offer unique experiences to their clients’.




Made in Italy, Oway adopts a well-rounded ethos on all things ethical, organic and sustainable whilst catering to women’s needs for beauty and haircare. Paired with their online journal which has honest and useful tips on how to cater for your wellbeing, Oway offer a vast range of knowledge and products that work. Pushing the boundaries of everyday haircare, they have all variations from hair baths to protectors to give your unique hair everything it needs.




A perfect minimalist brand; SachaJuan simplifies haircare to provide you with products that are both minimal in design and ingredients. This fuss-free brand will leave your hair with replenishised with everything it needs without the unnecessary and harmful add-ons of haircare.



IGK Hair 

For those that don’t want the minimal style that often accompanies simple & fuss-free products, IGK Hair is for you. Be bold with your style without harming animals or the environment with their ‘no Gluten. No Parabens. No Sulfates. No Animal Cruelty. NO BORING HAIR. EVER’ mantra. We particularly recommend their dry shampoo that works amazingly for fine hair which can’t be loaded down with the extra weight of products as it gives the hair the lift it needs.