Lets Talk About Legs

Feature image: Noa Vee

For many of us women, the anticipation we have of summer is bound to a build up of anxiety towards how our bodies look. The pressure for our bodies to be perfect seems to massively increase as buzzwords such as ‘#summerbod’ float around online, in conversation with friends, and in the media. So as the weather gets hotter and some of us bare more flesh, we have decided to celebrate the differences female legs have to show that all are beautiful.



There are countless features of female legs that we are conditioned to believe are flawed and ugly: dimples, stretch marks, veins, pigmentation, hair, rolls, bum sizes, leg length, absent thigh gaps, scarring, disabilities and more. And so, the pressure to bare more skin is met with the pressure for the skin on show to be perfect, but, to subvert this expectation, Noa Vee want our readers to recognise the beauty in their legs just as they are.

We’re here to celebrate all of the above, to show you that this summer, your legs – however they may be – are beautiful, worth loving and undoubtedly enough as they are.