Why Are Only Small Boobs Okay To Show In Fashion?

Words: Emma Roberts

With #FreeTheNipple and #SaggyBoobsMatter becoming popular campaigns on social media, it seems to be time to ask, why is it that less seems to be more when it comes to boob sizes?



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Sheer clothing and bras as tops are part and parcel of modern dressing, but the rule only seems to apply to girls with smaller boobs. How can a single piece of clothing provoke different reactions when worn by different people? The sexualisation of breasts has lead to bigger sizes being seen as inappropriate for our magazines and social media feeds, but, there’s no difference other than body shape.

There are no exceptions to this double standard even in the celebrity world; when Kim Kardashian steps out in scantily clad outfits, the reaction is often different to when sister Kendall Jenner steps out in a nearly-nude gown. One is seen as overtly sexual and inappropriate and the other a trendy fashion statement. Indeed, it seems that – dependent on the size of your breasts – you are forced into the categories of sleek or slutty.

Just as the censoring of female nipples but not male nipples is recognised as a sexist media flaw, the sexualisation of certain body types is hugely damaging to our perceptions of beauty. To all our readers, please never forget that your body is beautiful, and, despite the size of some features, you are never restricted to a certain style of clothing.