Have You Ever Thought Of What A Tampon Is Made Of?

Words: Victoria Mcewan

On average a woman will have around 400 periods in her lifetime which translates to 6.25 days of bleeding and around £1,334 spent on tampons. Periods cost us a lot of money, and unfortunately, we don’t have a choice regarding them. We do, however, choose what we put into our bodies. Everyday we choose what we eat, the hair products we purchase and beauty products we use; but have you ever thought about what your tampon is made of?

Studies have proven that within the majority of mainstream brands, 85% of tampons contain Glyphosate – an active ingredient in weed killer and classed by the WHO as carcinogenic. As well as this, they have been found to contain other substances such as rayon, chlorine dioxide bleach and numerous perfumes, dyes, surfactants and finishing agents which are all linked to endometriosis, altered hormone levels and adversely affect the reproductive and immune systems. The vagina is one of the most absorbent and sensitive parts of the body, and, menstrual health doesn’t just affect you at particular times of the month, it has a profound effect on your everyday health and wellbeing. It’s shocking to think that this information isn’t more widely discussed; that so many underlying healthy conditions are the cause of something women as a whole are so oblivious to. Conversations need to be started. Changes need to be made.


Thankfully, the revolutionary brand Time Of The Month is pioneering the positive shift. As a brand passionate about people and the planet, they document their journey and mission to educate people on the affects of mainstream feminine hygiene products whilst offering an amazing range of their products. Everything that you could buy from a mainstream feminine hygiene brand such as tampons (applicator and non-applicator), pads and liners are available on their website as well as menstrual cups and even makeup bags. The best part is that all of their products are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, are made using organic cotton without any harmful substances, perfumes or finishing agents and are packaged in recyclable sugar cane bags. Moreover, with each purchase, 10p is donated to Endometriosis UK to help provide much needed information and support surrounding the condition.

With brands such as Time of The Month shedding light on the topic, it’s clear that there is a need to consider what tampons are made of and how it may effect our bodies. Thankfully, the conversation has began.