Photographer Explores The Effects Of Brexit On Relationships

Words: Victoria Mcewan
FEature Image: Laura Pannack

Loss of jobs, rising interest rates, new passports, the end of ERASMUS, and the governments’ stance on climate change. Brexit negotiations are forever in discussion, but we are yet to reach a final conclusion.

Brexit will affect us, or someone we know, in one way or another. But much more profound than pieces of paper with facts and figures are the connections that make life worth living.

What will happen to people and their relationships?


Laura Pannack is a London-based photographer whose images explore this topic. Social documentary and portraiture combine to enhance the relationship between subject and photographer. She specifically seeks ‘to understand the lives of those captured, and to present them creatively’.

In her intimate and moving project ‘Separation’, Pannack explores what Brexit might mean for London couples who must consider parting due to the political decision. Her images are minimalistic yet stirring.

The use of a translucent white sheet (Brexit) partly separates the subjects from one another. Through these influential images people can empathise and experience the emotions that couples affected by political boundaries will experience. They provoke longing, sadness, and ultimately and most powerfully, love.