Meet Eda Onay, Founder of Fashion Wonderer

Words: Beth Fuller

The world of Fashion can be challenging at times if, as a creative, you’re not living in the major fashion cities of the world. Thankfully, with today’s online world, it’s much easier to connect with people doing great things despite their location. We recently found Eda Onay’s beautiful blog, Fashion Wonderer, and chose to sit down with the 19-year-old editor and graphic design artist to hear about what it’s like working from a small town in Turkey, and, her hopes for the future.



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Tell us a little bit about yourself, how old are you? Where are you from? Do you study? How did you get into graphic design and editing?
I’m 19 years old and from Antalya, Turkey. I finished high school and enrolled in a university but had to give a break before I started due to my surgery – I’ll be starting my school this September. Believe it or not, I’ve been into this graphic design stuff since I was 8 years old! It was because I discovered a site called which allows you to create your own blog like WordPress or Blogspot. Everyone on that site was interested in graphic design; we all were doing edits, templates, gifs, PNGs etc. So, since then, I haven’t lost my interest in graphic design and always worked on my skills to this date.


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What made you want to create Fashion Wonderer?
My fresh interest in fashion, in writing and sharing what I love, my thoughts, my desire of expressing myself and my never ending blogger life!


Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments so far?
Yes! When Camille Charriere sent me the DM that said she wants me to intern for her, and whenever any brand sends me gifts – I really appreciate their kindness and generosity. The brands always make me happy and make me feel like I’m doing something right. Also, especially when Vogue Turkey’s digital editor in chief said that she has been following what I do for a long time!


Coming from a small town myself, it can at times feel difficult to play a role in the Fashion world as most work occurs in the main cities such as London. Have you ever felt this too? What has it been like working where you are?
 Well, I feel you because achieving global successes in Turkey is a bit hard, and I think it gets tougher when you are not in Istanbul because everything about fashion happens in there; fashion weeks, events etc. I know I have to work more and sometimes I really feel like quitting, but then no. I have to work until the very end even if it’s harder in Antalya to make people hear my voice than in  Istanbul; everything needs time after all, right? And, nothing is impossible, that’s why I don’t stop.


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What are your hopes for the future of your career?
I hope to be successful in my university major and have a second job in fashion industry.


Any final words for our readers?
Thank you for reading my interview and giving me your time, hope you enjoyed it! Thank you too Beth, I really appreciate that you chose to interview with me, I include it as a pinch me moment as well, it’s amazing for me!