Trippin: The App Changing The Way We Travel

Words: Katrin Campbell
Feature Image: Beth Fuller

Travel seems to be of the utmost importance to our generation, long gone are the days of coming straight out of education and working a 9 to 5 job; this generation of millennials are constantly seeking for bigger and better. People now are exploring the world around them to discover that there is, in fact, more to life than our own surrounding cultures. 


recapping on the first part of #25daysoftrippin 🌎 sounds provided by Blue Iverson

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Over the last couple of years, traveling to find ourselves has been discovered through networking, and a way to do this is through travel apps. ‘Trippin’, the new cool kid app on the block has stormed in, injecting the idea that travel is more than taking a ‘gap yah’ and wearing baggy elephant print trousers. Is it about enjoying whilst preserving the environment that we are lucky enough to visit. They want to encourage us to explore the beauty of the world around us but still treat it with respect so that we can make sure that it is still as beautiful for the generations after us. 

Trippin is an anti-trend app that believes that “travel changes the world”, allowing it’s users to share and connect by creating travel playlists, giving recommendations of the places that we should visit, the food we should eat and the people we should meet.  


Trippin in @hark1karan ‘s hometown #staytrippin ✨🇳🇪

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This is an app for all of those that want to leave a positive impact on the world by caring for it, whilst sharing much-loved destinations with others and unlocking the worlds best-kept secrets. 


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