HireStreetUK: The Brand Placing Memories Over Materials


For those wanting to have the perfect outfit for an occasion, the stress of affording something to wear that will most-likely only be worn for that one ball, birthday party or night out can turn the event into quite a financial strain. Thankfully, the new UK based brand, HireStreetUK, is here to change the way we shop for events and evening wear.



With a refreshing approach to sustainability, HireStreetUK are the go-to brand for those meaningful moments. They offer a range of dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and co-ords to easily rent for your event and simply return afterwards. To make the shopping experience completely fuss-free, you can browse by style or occasion to find your favourite items in stores at the moment for a fraction of the retail price. The highstreet on hire concept created by the brand is centred around the experiences of the women that shop with them as they believe that memories matter over materials. On creating the accessible, friendly and desirable brand, founder Isabella West commented: “I love the idea that we are helping girls save money for travelling, buying a home or even simply making memories with their friends – at the same time giving them access to beautiful dresses that make them happy to wear”.


As we’ve seen the trends for basics and day wear in the sustainable sector of Fashion – linens, neutrals and minimalism – this brand is offering a stylish solution for the women wanting a plethora of items to pick from. And so, you can enjoy your night out with money to invest in you rather than the dress you wear.


With a promising idea to bring women a brand that allows them to spend on themselves, HireStreetUk is set to change the way we all shop for any memorable occasion.


Put your memories before materials; rent your next outfit from HireStreetUk here.