How To Be A Conscious Traveller 

words: Victoria Mcewan
Featured Image: Mikael Cho

Cruelty free beauty products, slow fashion and organic produce are becoming a habitual part of our lives. Whatever lifestyle you choose to follow, the majority of people are making everyday changes. But with air emissions and the amount of plastics we use on holiday greatly contributing to the destruction of the planet, there are a number of things you can do to help mother nature on your travels – here’s how you can make less of an environmental impact.

Bring your own bottle

In many of the locations we visit, we are advised not to drink the tap water, resulting in the purchase of plastic water bottles. This leads to a large amount of plastic waste, but fortunately there are many ways around this. Water purification tablets and drops are available to buy online and are inexpensive. All you need to do is fill your bottle with tap water add the tablet and wait for half an hour until you can drink the water without any worry. There are also water bottles available which filter the water automatically.

Switch up the suncream

Recent studies have revealed that certain suncreams contain ingredients which, when washed off our bodies and into the ocean, can cause bleaching of coral reefs; Hawaii are set to ban certain ingredients. One example, oxybenzone in suncream, can also be detrimental to our hormone levels when accumulated over time.

There are many earth-friendly suncreams on the market, such as EIR NYC, Suntegrity Skincare and Smart Girls Who Surf. Lotions, creams, balms, lip balms, soaps and even conditioners are available to help protect your scalp from the sun.

Opt for biodegradable

Opting for biodegradable toiletries will decrease the negative impact of plastic pollution in the local ecosystems you visit. TOTM offer biodegradable sanitary products which are free of nasty chemicals, parabens and dyes.

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Carry reusable cutlery

Taking your own straws to bars and clubs and a reusable set of dining cutlery when indulging in a street food crawl with eliminate the need for you to keep using and throwing away plastic cutlery.

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Buy local 

By buying from local businesses you’re not only helping the area thrive by supporting smaller business and local life but you’re also helping the environment. When goods are imported they bring with it a large carbon footprint. So do your bit and buy local, you’ll also soak up more of the culture this way.

Travel to an eco-friendly destination 

Sustainable tourism is ever-growing, but it is important to remember that travel comes with a price, and all forms of transport impact the environment. When choosing your destination, select an eco-friendly hostel or hotel. Some notable European examples are White Pod in the Swiss Alps, and La Granja in Ibiza.

And if you’re unsure of where to travel, why not try somewhere completely new? Reykjavik in Iceland is renowned as being one of the world’s cleanest cities, and Iceland itself is mainly powered by geo-thermal energy. Other destinations such as Costa Rica, New Zealand, Hawaii and Ecuador, and all are equally as environmentally-friendly, and equally as gorgeous.

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