The Italian Artist Inspired By Fashion And Nature

Words: Sophie Henderson

A modern twist on Italian Renaissance painting, Marialaura Fedi is at one with the world around her. Her Italian hometown is the basis of her whole aesthetic, particularly the art culture, design, and fashion. Based in Divino Amore, a town just outside of Rome, Fedi studied at the Fine Art Academy of Rome, and obtained an MA in Illustration. Her work depicts a slice of Italy so accessible to the artist, yet so enchanting to anyone outside of her bubble.

And yet there is a muted simplicity to her work – the plant life, the wine yards – which exudes a natural charm. Fedi is showing us her own version of Italian culture. But what sets her apart from various modern paintings reacting to the Italian Renaissance? Feminine self-confidence encroaches upon the beautiful landscape that she can call home.

What inspires you to create? And if you could describe you art in a few sentences?

I think I’m very influenced by the weather, and the landscapes I see around me. In my paintings I try to comunicate and share those feelings, may they be tactile or imaginary, to those who view my art. Maybe we can create a kind of thin connection, even if we don’t know each other.

I’ve understood my art better reading the thougt of the people that loved it. The metaphisical figures of women that lives in my paintings comunicate a kind of serenity and connection between the human figure and the space around them, like if they were part of the same structure. This is actually the way a see my whole existence.

Tell us about your workspace?

I live in Rome, in the contryside on the edge of the city. I work from home, but I would say I work better in the garden!

MariaLaura Fedi’s work is available to purchase on her website.