Why Doesn’t Love Island Love Body Diversity?


There’s a lot that has been said about this year’s iteration of Love Island UK. Specifically, a lot has been said about the lack of diversity on the show. Now there’s not much that we can expect from a dating show that is based solely on dropping a bunch of above-average looking single people into a luxury villa in Mallorca and encouraging them to crack on, but is a little diversity too much to ask for?

With so many applicants for the show’s fourth season, it’s a little disheartening to see that all of the contestants represent only one very specific body type. All of the ladies sent into the villa so far are size 8 at most with flat tummies, perky derrieres and long toned legs.

Of course there’s no hate towards slim ladies here and all of the girls are totally gorgeous, but wouldn’t it be nice to see someone with a bit of cellulite or a squishy belly, being bored to death by Eyal’s #deep chat?

It’s a little disheartening to see that all the contestants represent only one very specific body type

We’ve come so far in the last year in terms of better representation of different body types. Heaps of e-commerce sites are using curvier models and foregoing airbrushing, and women of all shapes, sizes, and colours are being much better represented in TV, film and fashion. Why then does the casting for Love Island feel so tone deaf?

Hundreds of thousands of women applied for a summer of love so surely it wouldn’t be difficult to find a plus-size gal to ruffle some feathers in the villa – or are larger ladies not deserving of love? The Love Island girls do not reflect the bodies of average British women.

With Instagram acting as a pool for producers to pick contestants too, there are plenty of more diverse influencers they could have picked who might better represent the viewing public at home.

Maybe ITV have decided that it’s more entertaining to watch women who look as though they’ve walked right off a Victoria’s Secret shoot flirting with literal Adonises. Who knows? I think it would be nice to see some people with average, representative body types getting it on in the sun.

Stretch marks, hip dips, chubby thighs – I want to see it all and I’m not the only one. Hundreds of people have spoken out online about the lack of inclusivity of different sized women on the show. Let’s hope that the show’s producers listen and we get to see a more inclusive range of future detox tea promoters.