The Vivienne Westwood X Burberry Collaboration Is In Support Of Cool Earth Action

Words: Sophie Henderson
FEature Image: Brett Lloyd @Burberry

Despite the digital ease of fashion promotion, the high fashion industry has certainly come under a lot of pressure in recent years. On the one hand, consumers are bound to their digital lives, with a constant desire for new and imaginative fashion trends to discourage fleeting attention spans (we’re all guilty). On the other hand, slow fashion is the counter-realisation, an ethical buzzword sweeping the industry that many of us aspire to grasp for the sake of the planet, and often succeed in doing so.

You might think this has nothing to do with Vivienne Westwood’s announced collaboration with Burberry, but trust me, it does. This recognisable combination of British heavyweights has came at just the right time, and certainly for the right cause.

Announced yesterday (6/7/2018), the collaboration promises to be a ‘limited-edition collection of reimagined styles from [Westwood’s] legendary archive.’ This timelessness only ensues an attractive, hopeful element, as though a garment is long-lasting, wearable and ready to become a definitive part of the consumer’s identity. All in support of Cool Earth Action – a charity that attempts to halt rainforest destruction and work alongside rainforest communities – to see two luxury pioneers from the top of the fashion pyramid build awareness and support of such a pressing issue is particularly validating.

High fashion drives trend forecasting and so, essentially, it creates fast fashion and the damage that follows as a result. It is most certainly a paradox, but making sure various aspects of climate change are understood and tackled by those at the very top, the issue is more likely to receive the recognition and awareness it deserves.

Cool Earth’s mission is “to halt tropical deforestation and degradation until it plays no part in climate change. It’s ambitious, but, By working to develop sustainable incomes from the forest, trees become more valuable with their roots in the ground. Empowered households, villages and communities are able to stop small-scale rainforest destruction.”

And not only is the collaboration ethically-minded, it magnifies the role of the female designer, as Ricardo Tisci, Chief creative officer at Burberry, commented on the influence of Westwood as an leader of fashion in our generation:

“Vivienne Westwood was one of the first designers who made me dream to become a designer myself and when I first started at Burberry, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to approach her to do something. She is a rebel, a punk and unrivalled in her unique representation of British style, which has inspired so many of us. I am so incredibly proud of what we will be creating together.”

Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with Burberry will be released in December 2018. Like this? Find similar stories on our Instagram.